Friday, 26 September 2014


Yesterday I had the overwhelming urge to knit a sweater.  I spent a couple of hours scrolling through my favourites on Revelry.  surely there was something quick I could knit there.

I know two quick sweaters, shalom and Leisl, but i didn't want either of those and I didn't seem to want any of the favourites list.

I sat myself down and gave me a good talking to and asked me what I really did want.  

I wanted wool.  Woollen spun wool.  I wanted warm.  I don't know if that is because it is supposed to be cold this weekend or not but it sure is on my mind.  I wanted something I already had on the go it seems.  

My red sweater.  So I sat down and knit that.  It will be my weekends knitting too.  We will see just how far along we can get this sweater when I have chores at the house and a birthday do to go to.

But I will knit.

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