Sunday, 28 September 2014

End of the weekend

I Love weekends.  Really, who doesn't, but I particularly like Sunday evenings.  It's such a great knitting evening.

Those last few hours there isn't any point in starting another major household task. Not enough time to finish anything new. All the really big stuff is done and the hours are not pushing you or pulling you anywhere. Nobody makes demands on Sunday evenings.  It is the ultimate free time. 

And I have been taking advantage of it.

I needed a break from kiddie things, though kiddie things are up for tomorrow evening, I think.  I do have to get it going again to see how my big guy reacts to the next go at a hat that he will like. But I digress.

The red sweater came to hand the other day and my goodness I have been having fun.  The last time I worked on this I was ripping it back.  I had knit the fronts too poorly and I really need this one to be a nice sweater.  It made with Briggs and Little Regal and this is the kind of yarn that will last forever, I think.  I hope.

This third instance (the first was a bottom up try that I was not enjoying) feels just right.  It fits very nicely and the sleeves are much much better.  It feels as if it is moving along very fast because of counting for the little red cable switching every 6 rows.

 Anyway, this is going to be a good basic sweater, with an ordinary sort of button band. Nothing fancy here.  And yet, I have a feeling it is going to be stunning.  

Just stunning, I think.  

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