Monday, 22 September 2014

There you have it.

I didn't feel like sweaters this weekend.  I didn't feel like much of anything so I worked on bits and pieces and I am really glad I did.

I did a ton of knitting on the current hat.

 Purple and orange and yellow and black was asked for and purple and yellow and orange and black it is.  though if it was me, I would skip the black because the purple would look great right up to both the orange and the yellow.  Its a simple ribbed Reversible Watch Cap   which I made just a little smaller.  I want it snug enough to fit close for warmth this winter.

After about 4 hours that got kind of boring and it was time to rest my wrists anyway, so I made ears and sewed in ends on this.

It is so impossibly cute and I can't wait to see her in it.  It is however, large enough that she will be able to wear a second cap and the hood of her coat inside it.

And then, with this cute hood finished I thought I had better sort out a wee hat you haven't seen before.

I made this to go with Marcus sweater

but I didn't like the back.  I knit it straight and didn't take into account that human heads narrow at the neck.  I debated about redoing the whole thing, but it works but for the back.

So, taking a page from memory and the wee hats my sisters wore when they were kids, I gathered the back
Its turned out quite nice and I am very pleased with it.  Sadly it isn't really washable except by hand.  I made it because it matched so nicely with the blue in the sweater.  Its Ambrosia from Knit One Crochet Two.   I received three balls with a purchase from Elann, a treat for being such a 'good' customer!

I dug deep into the stash this weekend too.  Deeeeeeep.  I was looking for the yarn for the next project and I also wanted to get all the superwash yarns out so I can see what I have.  All these kiddies and both moms would like superwash and I knew I had some, but the question was where in there was it all.  The boxes are reorganized and sorted and I had a wonderful time.

And then one of my boys came and installed my new programmable thermostat and I cooked dinner and we shared a bottle of wine and when he left, Miss Marple was on tv.  I do love Miss Marple so I picked up and worked on something for me.  I knit on the pretty little red scarf that reminds me of candy apples and warm fall days.

And there you have  it.  The weekend that was.  Only thing wrong with it was that it is that it ended.

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