Friday, 19 September 2014

Heartbreak and the Sweater Chest.

I need to do some serious work on my sweaters.  I was planning on wearing this one to work the other day

but no go.  In its last wash, this lovely superwash yarn felted just enough to make it unwearable.  It is such a little bit too.  The body of the sweater is ok, but the sleeves, which always fit nice and closely, are not doable.  No way to stretch them that much.  So, I will recover the buttons and send this one to it's final resting place. That is the thing with superwash.  Depending on how it was created, it can lose the property and then you are hooped. No way to know when the change will occur.  

On the upside, there is a pattern I can use again!  And yeah, this one will be made again.  It is just such a nice pattern to knit and it works up quickly because the lace is easy and has the loveliest rhythmic feel as you work.  Music!

And then there is this sweater.
 There is a place where the yarn has just worn thin.  I am really distressed by this one.  It is one of the things I wear all the time. It works with so many shawls.

And then my black shawl collar became a plain black sweater earlier this year, and just needs buttons.  And possibly sleeves, though only what a single ball of yarn for each sleeve could give me.  I am still debating the sleeves. I changed the collar because it was just too warm and adding sleeves might put it right back to too warm territory.

There is also the lovely Noro sweater.  

It is finished but for the closures.  I have some big hooks for it but I need to do something to give the neck line a little firmness so that it doesn't grow as I wear it.  I am thinking of using a crochet chain of Kidsilk haze on the inside just to give it that wee bit of something.

It might be a whole weekend finishing things.  Or not.  We shall see.  I could also clean house and play in the stash.  

I love weekends.  I love my sweaters.  I love wearing my sweaters.  sigh.  OK.  Sweaters it is.

Heartbreak is when suddenly, your sweater chest looks a little bare. 


Sel and Poivre said...

Ha! I saw the title of your post and that first photo and thought you'd be writing about getting sweaters to fit across the chest - the notion on my mind this morning! Not sweaters in a chest!

I'm contemplating a finishing weekend myself - love those!


Anonymous said...

enjoy. I was looking at some photos the other day. You are often wearing some of your work and it always looks good. These photos are all beauties. GD

Brendaknits said...

Hee hee. I thought a sweater chest was a cedar chest.
The Noro colour s are wonderful.