Thursday, 31 July 2014

White Knitting

Having the bookcase in my bedroom is kind of nice.  There is a place to put the books that  have been living on the top of my bed.  

One of those books that was living on the top of my bed, is Knitted Lace Designs of Herbert Neibling. Doilies and tablecloths from the flowering of art lace knitting that happened in Germany in the early part of the last century.  This is a someday adventure for me but I do have a little roll of what people used to call white knitting.

Neat, isn't it?  Craptastic knitting though, and it would have needed to be starched to really see how nice it could be.  

I was thinking about this long length, about 3 feet worth, of knitting...that I don't need any more.  It was meant for the bottom of a blind for the bedroom I planned to decorate with all kinds of handmade things.

That bedroom is up for sale, and that blind will forever be virtual.  it might become pillow trim, or a section of it might be a trim under glass in a frame.  I don't know yet.  This is the first thing I have knitted that outlived its original purpose.  And I am ok with that, but only because that means I don't need to knit another 3 feet of trim!

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