Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Too Hot to Knit

I have to apologize to the world.  I really did think it couldn't ever get too hot to knit.  My house had a basement that stayed cold in summer.  There was always a place to escape from the heat.  But it really can be too hot to knit.

I work in a space that is not air conditioned.  We have fans and it has been pretty decent till yesterday.  Yesterday, the fans were not enough.  You could feel the air get heavy as you climbed the stairs.  The last couple hours, were just unbearable.  

And then I came home.  

My fans here have been doing a great job.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday, it was just plain old too hot to breathe in my house and having the air move did not seem to make a difference. The combination of all day in stuffy hot spaces, meant that I came home, had some salsa and chips and that was pretty much it.  For the first time, I had to have the fan blowing on me full time, in order to sleep.  

I thought about an air conditioner.  Just a small one.  Just to take the edge off, but the truth is that spending a couple hundred dollars for two or three days of need seems a little silly.  

The heat should break by the weekend and all will be well again.  

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