Monday, 23 June 2014

Tired, but in a good way

While I stayed home last week and putzed about, my boys. the men that they have become, finished pretty much everything at the house.  The bin is filled, the yard is cleared of large stuff that no one wants.  My job was cleaning after the fact.  Everything is scrubbed and washed and wiped down.  It is done and a more worn out troop, you could not find.  We are too tired to even be happy about it but inside, we are jumping for joy.

Somewhere among the last days, I did have time to finish the hat for my Big Fella.

Well, maybe finish.  I think I want to go back and knit it just a smidgen longer.  I followed the dimensions from the Sockhead Hat, even though I used the stitch count from Barley.  I wanted that more slouchy look.  When I was working on it, the hat was long enough and I bound off.  Now that it is done, the stockinette part is an inch short. Go figure.  I think I will make the ribbing longer too.

So...I will snip off the ribbing and will knit that extra inch of stockinette and will then make my ribbing long enough so that you can fold it back over your ears for double warmth where you most need it.  I have the yarn, and this is a little boy hat. He needs the warmth for playing outside and walking to school.

I love the way this hat sits and looks and is.  Just about the perfect slouchy hat.  I like it so well that there might be one in for grandma in the future too and I know just which yarn.  STR, blue and yellow, a wonderful mix!

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Sandra said...

So glad to hear the end is in sight with the house. It must be bittersweet, but it sounds like the right decision was made.
Love the slouchy hat look - and the extra warmth for a school kid is the right idea - speaking from years of recent experience, warm hats, and lots of them are necessary for school age boys!