Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

There have been many many days the last few weeks, where going home at night means 10:00 p.m. and a long drive around the south end of the city.  There have been a lot of evenings devoted to getting the house ready for sale.  

The long evening drives have afforded some spectacular sunsets.  It's been cloudy and those evenings where the clouds were broken with the sun streaking through have been just breathtaking. Pink light shooting up and down, rich salmon sweeping into orange and brilliant flame.

I have no pictures though.  It's a major highway and there are no pullouts where there is a chance to stop and admire the sunsets.  That might be a flaw in modern highway design.

They remind me of a couple of truly brilliant sunsets that Brian captured.
 Puerto Vallarta where sunsets are a 10 minute event but still something to capture and remember.
 The long slow brilliance of a northern sunset in the fall.
 October majesty.
 And the long view, typically prairie.

He was a wonderful photographer. 

My home is generally oriented east and very soon, I hope to enjoy sitting on my pretty little deck with some early morning coffee, snuggled in wool, watching sunrise.  And in the evening, all I have to do is sit on my sofa and turn to watch sunsets out of a perfectly placed western window. 

Just about perfect.

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