Friday, 27 June 2014

I bought a sweater yesterday

I bought a sweater yesterday.  Its ok though. It is the kind you self assemble.

I wandered in to the yarn store on my lunch hour.  It just felt like that kind of day.  I stopped as I always do, by their stock of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted.  I  have always loved Rowan's Pure Wool line.
It just is such a sound yarn, such a round yarn.  I have been looking for the right project to use it for.

I wandered towards the back of the store and came across a new to me Noro.

Sitting here this morning I have no idea what it is!  I had to take the ball in to the office and I left it behind at home time. But the colours.  Oh my.  There is a richer than sin royal blue, and turquoise and even some deep purple.  I will put up a picture if I can.

OK, late in the day but I have found out what it is!  Karuta.  Absolutely splendid colours.

The colours, the vibrant richness of it were the spark.  Before you can say why a woollen sweater, I had the yarn assembled for a Shalom, yet another Shalom.  I really like knitting that sweater and I love the creative possibilities it gives  you for using fantastic the colours of Noro.   

And I could use a blue sweater.  No better reason than that.

I also forgot to mention to the Noroa aficionado among us, Noro has a new solid colour line that is Silk Garden but solid colours.  I can't wait!

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