Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I am tired

So very tired.  there is tired on my tired and my son and I pulled rank and rested today.  He has issues from a motorcycle accident and I creak just because.  This weather is making life hard.

But my hands are not tired tonight and I ought to knit but I just barely have enough energy to sit here for a bit.  I have exhaustion on my exhaustion.

I could write a hundred thousand things today, but really that is not what you need to hear and as much as my own misery is comfortable for me, I am not sure my misery is good for you and I know it isn't good for me.

So I am going to think about pink and coral skies, twilight and sunset and wide open spaces and hearts that fly in the heavens and souls that walk with God.

It isn't perfect.  It isn't what I would have choosen.  It isn't what I planned.  but it is.  And I have two ways to go with it.  Forward, finding the good I can in it or buried in the sorrows of the day.  I choose the first.  Its just better. Even if I am really tired.

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