Monday, 9 June 2014

Deep in the yarn closet

Deep in the yarn closet, there are all sorts of treats and I keep asking myself what I will knit first when everything is settled.  

I can't even get into that room right now.  When I had company, a few miscellaneous baskets of stuff were pushed up against that door and it has stayed that way.  I haven't had a moment to think outside knitting my wee hats.  

By the time I get there, it is going to be time to start to knit for winter.  Well fall anyway. I have always had an ongoing like affair with some pattern or other. Right now, the hit de jour is Hitofude.  I like the open little flow of it and I think it would work even on my hippy body.     BUT and it is a big but, the yarns I have that might work well for it are not the yarns I want to knit.  

I want to be working with some of that lovely lovely Madelinetosh that I bought while trying to find the right soft purple for my daughter in law.  There is a lovely opal gray with shots of greens and purple burgundy.  There is a stunning Baroque Violet, blue and dozens of purples.  It is not the right weight so the choice is going to have to be right yarn or right pattern.  

I will start a sweater, or at least work on one of the ones I already have started.  There is a very pretty red that might just make me feel wonderful.

If not, just to take the edge off, I do have a marvellous shawl that I am ready and waiting to knit.  It's a little reindeer colourwork shawl and it is absolutely splendid.

Umm, note to self:  when you are talking about things on the blog, don't go looking at your favourite shawls list.  It takes up waaaaay to much of your time and really, this week, you don''t have time.  But next week?  Yes, time.  You are mine.  And you and I will go deep into the yarn closet.

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