Thursday, 19 June 2014

Going to lunch at the yarn store

Yesterday I went for lunch at the yarn store.  

No I did not have food at the yarn store, but it surely was time to feed my soul.  

I love just wandering among the skeins and colours.  I am transported to a place where there is nothing but harmony and splendor and the joy of losing yourself for just a while.

It doesn't look like much here.  
Better.  Maybe you begin to see a little of what I see in it.

It is that combination of silvery taupe sometimes found on old fences or on ancient farmyards where long abandoned buildings stand in groups like old men watching what might come down the road. Silvery taupe will share space with the soft colours of wet bark and earth and places where things grow.  As I grow older, I am so drawn to these colours of earth.  

It will be a cowl of some sort I think or perhaps a long scarf that you could wrap around your neck and snuggle into on the next cold wet day.

Some days all you really need is food for the soul.

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Brendaknits said...

Artistic endeavours of any and all kinds feed the soul. A yarn store is a great place for lunch.