Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sewing a fine seam.

List of things needed when you sew knitting together:

Needle with large eye.  My preference is these

I just wish they would come in sets of 3 of the small needles.  It is the one I use the most and the reason I have purchased a ton of these over the years.  

Project needing sewing.

And a table.

I watched my yarn store boss sew numerous things together over the years.  I watched her show people how to do it and talk them through it.  I watched and listened and somehow, learned it and one of the things she always said was to work on a table.  She emphasized that almost as much as the slow and deliberate way she walked people through learning which stitch legs to work around.  If you were learning from her, you always came out of the lesson, just knowing how to do it.  Many, many times, I saw knitter's who were sure they couldn't sew a fine knitted seam, call back or stop by, utterly pleased and brimming over with confidence.  

So, I do.  So I am off now, to work in the kitchen, which is the only place where I have a nice table sitting waiting for me.  And I am going to sew a fine seam.

Or something like that.

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Sandra said...

the table is an under rated accessory to good seaming. For really curly things, I've been known to use my blocking pads and pin the pieces close together (on the table...)