Thursday, 1 May 2014

An urge for other knitting

When I woke this morning, I had an urge to knit something else.  Anything else.  It seems I might have overdosed with having just two projects for most of the month.  I am so over them.

I still have a deadline on one, but it is about 3/4 done the knitting, and only needs seaming  and an outer edging till it is done.  Lots of time.  But still.  Done with it for now.

I went to the wool room, which is as big as the small bathroom - I measured - and therefore deserving of the name, and stood there.  And smiled.  I have a wool room.  It is well lit and cozy warm in there and just has an ambiance that, well tickles my fancy.

I looked through the big box of WIPS and chose one.  I debated about starting something new, but it was nearer 4 a.m. and even I know that the middle of the night is not when to choose a new project.  

This is a sweater I decided to renovate.  I had initially finished it with a shawl collar, that while nice and cozy warm, swamped me.  It was too short as well and with 3 balls of yarn left from the project, I am taking the opportunity to make it longer as well as putting on a simple plain ribbed button band.  I'm thinking of making the sleeves a little longer too, but the length of the sweater is more important than longer sleeves.  This is what I am working on today.

The offices I work in are chilly and I am really looking forward to wearing all my sweaters.  And knitting new ones.

Fancy fully tickled.  Knitting underway.

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