Friday, 28 March 2014

That Knitting Back Thing

I'm working on that little baby blanket.  Progress is slow but there is progress.

Large squares of colour, a simple 3 x 3 pattern.  Perfect for my sweet little boy.  And warm because he is always just a little chilly and he quite clearly makes it known.  For a little guy, he has a big strong voice.  

I have kept to my intention of using this piece to become competent at knitting back and I am pleased to report that I am getting better at it.  

Both pictures show some rowing out as I struggle to get my hands to understand tension when knitting this way, but as you can see, it is getting better and my knitting is becoming more even.  The top photo is the start of the blanket, and this second, the more recent knitting.  

There are times when my hands just do the knitting back thing on their own and the knitting is smooth and pretty darn fine, if I do say so myself.  Then I realise that my hands have taken over and know what to do. That is when I have a sloppy row, till my head falls into that zone again.  Knitting equals letting go of conscious effort and accepting whatever happens!

It is a blanket and all my Wee Peanut will know is that Grandma knit him something to stay warm.  He is not going to care about perfection just yet.

Tons of things to do and some serious packing required.  I need more boxes and some tape.  Then I need to head to the lawyers to do the closing stuff, and I have to go talk to my realtor about the farm. (Good things are happening there, pending, pending, pending). 

All in all I am looking forward to a busy weekend and I am going to find a way to squeeze in just a little knitting.  I hope to finish that sock and squeak in a little backwards knitting.  Just enough to keep me sane.   


Brendaknits said...

Good for you on the knitting back thing. I am always in too much of a hurry to slow down enough to master a new technique.

Sigrun said...

Sounds like I missed a bunch of updates. Serves me right for not coming to knitting in the Park. You found a place? Good offer on the home place?