Monday, 31 March 2014

Socks, socks, socks!

Now, this is what I like to see.  A finished object!

I love that about socks.  They are small and a finished object is never really very far away.  This pair is made up of Jawoll cotton, wool and nylon blends in lovely denim heathered tones.  I thought I was knitting pretty randomly, just grabbing whilly nilly, but my wildest willy nilly ended up giving me some that are oddly well matched.  Maybe my willy isn't so nilly?  

Otherwise it is packing packing packing.  The corners are starting to look empty, which unfortunately means that the center is starting to look very full.  There are boxes and boxes on boxes and it is getting hard to navigate around it all.

It is really odd, this moving with a soft deadline day.  Usually when you move, you have a hard deadline, a single day where all the stuff has to be gone and you only look forward.  I am good at that kind of move.  I am not so sure how I am at this kind of move where there is a lot of stuff you have to deal with after the fact.  This move is more of a squidgey move, a soft end move.  The house needs my stuff out to renovate and by having a place to go to,  I save myself the work of taking it to a storage unit, and then moving it again, after the house is sold. 

There is plenty of work to do here yet.  There are some closets to clean out upstairs, There are cupboards in the laundry that need a little work.  There is an entire garage filled with oh so very much stuff that it makes my eyes want to cross.  

I'm kind of thinking of this move, like knitting a pair of socks.  It is a smaller move, the move I can get my head wrapped around.  There is a neat and tidy end and a quick finish.  Almost instant gratification.  

The rest of this move, the large part that hasn't happened yet, and won't until this house is sold, that part?  It feels a like knitting a king sized bed blanket that reaches to the floor on all sides. For one of those ultra high beds you need a step to get into, no less.  It feels as if it will never really end, as if I will never really get through it all to that last bound off stitch.

If I don't post these next few days, it means I don't have an internet connection at my new home, or that my computer isn't set up, or that after this part is done, I am just too pooped to party.  I keep focusing on how nice it will be to have a quiet place to hide in, while I go through the rest of the house.        

It might be a while till I do much more than bits and ends sock knitting but c'est le vie.  Just like that final box is a ways from being packed, I'm not quite ready for new sock yarn yet.   

But I will be.  

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