Thursday, 13 March 2014


Yesterday, finally managed to make it to my knitting group on Wednesday evening.  I really hate when life gets in the way of Wednesday.  My goal for the future is to make more often!

I was working on whatever kntting was to hand.  Right now that means Monster socks/ Bits and pieces socks.  After finishing up a pair the other day, it was time to start another toe.

That teeny tiny start of a toe is what came to knitting.  Almost everyone had to ask what I was working on that was so small.  I guess I normally take socks when they are just a little farther along.  Perhaps it is that it takes so little time to get the start of a sock farther along.  In any case it was a little new to most of them.  So, if you are not familiar with a garter square sock toe, tada!
This is what it looks like.  A proto sock.

16 stitches by 16 garter ridges and then pick up the same number of stitches along each side.  Easiest thing in the world in garter stitch.  Just divide the number of stitches you need for your foot by 4 and start with that many stitches for your next pair of socks.

I first read about this interesting toe from Lucy Neatby or Cat Bordhi.  I can't remember which, but it has become the only toe I really knit anymore.  it is comfortable for everyone, and fits my stubby toes in a way that no other toe quite gets as right.

Once you have picked up the stitches, you just knit in the round and before you know it the tube of your sock foot is forming.

This sock is yet another in my long line of monsters.  it is going to be yet another of the 7 row variety.  That number just works for me.  7 rounds and switch. I can't wait to see what these come out like. 

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