Monday, 3 March 2014

A world filled with other things

It has been such a busy weekend.  So many things were packed and cleared up and sorted and gone through.  I have a pile of new boxes that I am going to have to address and move aside if I want to be able to move around in my living space.

But I also found my way to a little knitting.  Early in the morning Sunday I did one stripe on my most recent sock. Late in the afternoon, I did another.  A bonus stripe or perhaps a sign that my hands are slowly healing.  For all that this not much knitting is making me nuts, I am getting other stuff done and that is a big plus.

 That long slow process of only knitting one stripe a day and no more or knitting a couple rows on the sweater and no more, means progress on knitting things is slow but steady.

Two weeks ago, the socks looked like this
And today they look like this.
5 days of knitting.  sigh.  Ah well.  The only person I can complain to about this is me.  Done to myself and I knew better.  I was under the haze of knitting but I still knew better.

I am almost to the last of the 3 taupe stripes so it isn't far now to the end of this sock and that is good enough for now.

There will be errands all day today, filling wee bits of time between this early morning and the late at night.  But mostly, there will be work.  It is good to be getting back to work.

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