Thursday, 27 February 2014

Of knitting and Stuff

In my post the other day, I said I would be knitting the sweater longer.  

And I am.  2 rows at a time.  I can knit one row and purl one row and then my hands feel tired.  Since going past tired would re-injure, I usually stop here.  I think I did 3 rows one day but that is it. No sock knitting on the side either.

I have finished the first small ball of yarn, meaning I have worked through half of what was formerly the ribbing.  I still have another small ball to go before I am longer than the ribbing.  It is slow but it is coming along.  I really am looking forward to this change.  It could be that the slowness of the knitting makes me savour it more and builds the excitement even more!  This is slo knitting,  (Is that a new 'thing'?) but fun.

The going through stuff is coming along too.  This knitting injury means there is no option but to finish going through stuff so darn it, I am going through stuff.  

I wish I could say I am finding more interesting stuff, but no, just stuff.  I am almost done the study, and then it is on to camping stuff and after that the laundry.  

I shudder when I think of the laundry room.  There are a lot of cupboards and shelves in there.  Talk about your deep dark corners...

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