Tuesday, 4 February 2014

That space between

It never seems to matter how big a project is, there is always that space after you finished that feels empty.  It isn't that there are not dozens of things ongoing, but you sit there for a moment and you have to decide what your fingers feel like working on.

Mine decided to play and if you go back, you will see what I was playing with on Saturday.  

Sunday morning, I realized that there I sat,

two socks but no new pair in sight.  

I have been there before but this just doesn't make sense when I think about the state of my sock drawer.  I could really use a few pairs of socks.   

Sunday I addressed that.

Sock two, well under way, almost to the cuff. I do have a fair bit of the striped yarn left but am just going to have enough of the black to finish the cuff.  

After I get done the red section knit on sock two, I think I am going to pull the rest of the striped ball apart and see if there are two sections of of any one  colour remaining.  I normally wouldn't worry about that, but up until now, the universe has decided that these socks will match.  If the universe is unfolding that way, who am I to make waves?  The cuffs are tennis cuff short right now and it would be a waste not to make them longer if I can.  

Besides, after playing in the bag of bits, why add back into it?

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