Monday, 3 February 2014

My Spidey Senses!

What was once a plain red and blue sock
Became an inspired by interpretation of the original and honour must go to the lady who thought up, Teri Frid and her 'Even Big Guys Love Spidey Socks' pattern.  Without these, it wouldn't have happened.

Because I wasn't keen on stranding and the extra warmth that usually means, for hot sticky little boy feet, I choose to do duplicate stitch.  While it wasn't a bad idea, there were moments where I questioned my sanity.  It took much longer to get into the rhythm of the embroidery than I thought.  

I started with the long uprights.
That gave me a nice clear picture of what I was working the rest of the design into.  I did not duplicate stitch these, but choose to crochet up the foot around a stitch from the knitted fabric.
Then, it was a matter of embroidering the swags between the uprights, following Terri's charts.  Well, almost following the charts. My stitch count was different.

And voila.  A practically perfect pair of Spidey socks. 
With a single imperfect spider like creature on the back.  Good to go.  

I am so very pleased with these.  Perfect for my special little boy.


Christine said...

Special little *very lucky* little boy. Beautiful job. I hope he loves them, and doesn't outgrow them too fast!

Brendaknits said...

SUPER SOCKS! He will love them.

Sandra said...

Fantastic! As the mom of a former Spiderman fan, I'm glad I didn't see these 10 years ago!
There is a great spider chart in one of Barbara Walker's books - I made a sweater with that on the front one time...