Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rolling on to Sockland

 Isn't it wonderful when a thing is finished?  I love this part.  Socks are wonderfully gratifying.  These even more so, because they are scraps.  I wove the ends in as I went so that isn't a problem.  there only needs to be a tiny bit of judicious snipping of ends and weaving the end of the cast off in.  But I consider these done.  Well, substantially complete to use the technical construction term for 'pay me now'.

I left heels out of the mix as I was knitting so that I could position the heel in the middle of one of the 7 row sections but I might just leave it as is and go with tube socks.  I do have just enough of the various yarns that a heel is possible in either the dark green or the mixed skein.  This task and the decision on heels is going to wait for one big finishing day.

I did get the next set of yarns ready for socks.  Started the toe too.

These are going to be similar to the socks above because I am going to use 7 rows per colour section.  I am not sure why this works so well for me.  I think 7 is somewhere just after 'gee I've been working this yarn for a while now' and just before 'oh heavens I am bored to tears'.  I almost always recognize when I have the 5th row complete.  5 rows say time to count, so I do.  6 just isn't quite wide enough but 7?  Well, 7 says practically perfect in every way.

The one bright colour is just for a little punch and I am going to choose and then follow a sequence for the colours.  The plan is to end off with a bright row and cap it with a dark colour.

Its a good plan...but plans are sometimes best laid and then played with!  We shall see what happens once it hits the needles!


Sandra said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love this idea!

Brendaknits said...

Tube socks are a good thing too.