Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How to make your hands feel better

For me?  The solution is don't knit.


I do have lots else to do and there have been a few days where knitting has not been possible because of other busy things I have been doing and slowly, slowly my hands are feeling better.  To really cure them with speed, I would have to stop using the mouse with my computer, but that is almost harder to stop than knitting is.  
I did however, do something that is going to make long hours looking  at certain websites on the internet much less urgent and interesting and it will resolve itself in just a few days.  

But my hands are feeling a bit better and I do knit a little everyday, but when I even think I start feeling the ache in the palm of my hand, I stop.

We have had such cold weather these last few days.  It is cold overnight, but then is crisp and clear and wonderful during the day. perfect weather for outdoor things, like walks in the bush and skating on outdoor rinks. The suns insistent warmth is starting to break winters daytime chill.  It isn't spring yet, but when the midday sun is out full bore, you know it isn't far away.  'Tis the season of looking for sunny protected nooks with southern exposures.  'Tis the season to raise our face to the sun. 

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