Monday, 24 February 2014

Big Decisions

I am trying to make a decision this morning, a very big decision and I really hate doing it alone.  I also really, really, really hate making big decisions slowly.  I believe in doing the work ahead of time, to know the subject, and then making a decision.

I usually do my research, sort of the ends and pieces and then just go for it.  I once owned a yellow Ford Focus.  My husband and I had taken it for a test drive and he liked it. I had been looking at vehicles online for days and weeks and test drove two others.  

Since it was generally to be mine to drive, he asked what I thought of it and I looked at him and said well, I am thinking I like it.  Then I said we should buy it.  Hubbie and the salesman thought I meant one like it, with different options, but I looked at them oddly and said no, that one,  right there, with those options.  It had everything I wanted, had a really good stereo and was yellow. What more did I need?

The running gag for the rest of the time I owned that car, was that I bought it because it was yellow.  The truth was I did.  My niece, to whom I sold it?  She bought it because of the stereo!

Anyway, the decision took under a half an hour.  

When I bought my current bright red Honda Fit, the whole transaction took under a half an hour. I told the salesman I was about to make his day. He thought I was kidding till the deal was signed!

That Focus, and this Fit have both been pretty darn good cars.  Maybe I am brave enough to do this.  Maybe I can do it all on my own. 

Wow.  This is scary.  Scarier than I have ever known, but I think I just make my decision.

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