Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ever have a day where you knew you really had to get some stuff done but would rather do almost anything but that...so you spent you time on Ravelry and other places looking at Nieblings?

Yeah.  I have to go digging in my book boxes.  I miss my knitting books.

In the meantime, check out these.  (A non Ravelry link for those who are non ravelrs like my sisters.)

See what I mean.  Couldn't stop looking could you.

I get that.  I get the pictures from blogs, from lace websites, from places all over the world.  

What I don't get is the 70s Tigerbeat Spectacular with David Cassidy on the cover.  

No just really don't get that.


Sandra said...

That Tiger Beat cover really jumps out at you, doesn't it...
But the rest! Oy, such beauty...

Anonymous said...

hmm... how did Cassidy get in with all those? Yes, very easy to just keep looking. They are pretty. Even I used to look through those pattern books you mentioned a while ago. These days I know it is only to look. I just don't finish those kinds of things. But very pretty to look at. GD