Monday, 6 January 2014

What is that thing on the bottom of my foot?

Why is it that holes show up when you are least interested in knitting them?  why is it that I have let my sock drawer once again fall to pieces?

Hot off the soles of my feet and the other sock isn't looking any better.  I took a quick count this morning and I have 4 otherwise good pairs of socks that need darning or re-soling.

It might be time to pick up and knit a pair or two using that Anna Zilborg Free Sole Sock Workshop
I have owned it for a long while and only part watched it.  Time to get to work!

New socks are in order and not just a few. I figure I will need at least 10 pair to restore the sock drawer to good status.  It will help a lot if I find all the missing single socks as we get ready to move, but I won't hold my breath.

 It should be a great year for socks, because I can see a lots of times where large projects are going to be very hard.  I can see months where complexity is going to be impossible.  Maybe.  You never know.

Thinking of socks today takes me back to that first pair and Mr. Needles commenting on my giggling and muttering.  

Socks are in order and I am getting right to it.
Red and peppy.  Perfect winter knitting.  Socks.  Forever socks.

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