Monday, 6 January 2014


I had such a lovely weekend. I met a friend for coffee in the morning and met a young man whose birthday was Saturday as well and who was exactly 50 years younger than I am.  I do not know why but this struck me as a wonderfully giggly sort of thing.  

Next, my kids surprised me and took me out to dinner and filled my coffee table with flowers: orchids and roses and gerbera daisies and alstroemeria.  So pretty and oh so fragrant! All my kids were there, my babies and small boys and the big girls and boys.  I will see the table full of happy in my  mind's eye for a long time. 

Sunday, I spent the afternoon visiting with my oldest friend, my first friend from grade one. (We didn't have kindergarten.) She understands the knitting thing even though she doesn't knit.  She gardens instead.  Not just the backyard sort.  She runs a greenhouse operation and has had a farmers market stall in the city for decades.  Passions run amok and loving it!   It was so lovely to have them stop and visit. Though I have seen her occasionally through the years, it is rare that I get to sit and have a good visit.

And in and around it all I knit.  

Isn't that the most marvelous thing?  Mr. Noro really hit my mark with this gorgeous colourway.  It is the perfect winter knitting, bright, bold, vibrant and a sure sign that spring will come again. The green and turquoise just punch up the reds and purples and coral-oranges.

I am about a third of the way through ball number 2, and I have set my mind on how I am going to finish this one.  I wasn't sure at first but thought that there would be lots of time to sort that out while knitting it and there was.  

All in all, the loveliest of days.  Better riches than any pennies in the bank.


Brendaknits said...

Very special indeed. Happy Belated Birthday.

Sandra said...

that sounds beyond perfect. Happy Birthday and the table of flowers sounds lovely!