Tuesday, 17 December 2013


It seems this is going to be an unexpected day.

When I awoke this morning, I grabbed a pod of what I thought was coffee, but was in fact milk, so now I am having a french vanilla latte.

I did not knit a stitch yesterday, but I played with my wool. All.  Day.  Long.  And by working on the wool storage all day long, I could finally make it back to the chair where my knitting resides.  

I finished up the second honey cowl and you know what?  Once the knitting was all done and you could lay it down and look at it, it is really lovely.  Unexpectedly so.  I thought it would all blend in, but enmasse, the brighter of the two green pops out and plays off the forest green (olive and teal on my monitor), as does the purple.  Purple you say?  Yeah, I never noticed it before either.  It is there, just to the bottom it show up best, almost lost as a variation on the brown.
 I am not sure you can really see it here, but what you can see is the way the colours popped out.  Unexpectedly nice.

I am not sure what happens when others finish a project and find it turned out so unexpectedly nice, but I feel pumped. Or maybe it was that I finished it before 9 a.m. and I still had plenty of knitting time in the day that made it happen, but then I sat down and started this.

I've been planning some version of this cowl since the moment I saw it on Ravelry.  It is the Inspira Cowl.  If you look through the projects on this one, you are sure to find something that will turn on your creative energy too.  It sure got me.

Though this cowl is designed for 2 different colour changing yarns, I saw it in angora.  I don't know why angora.  Perhaps an encounter with a ball of it when I saw the pattern, but somehow or other, it led me to owning an unseemly number of balls of angora.  Maybe it was that River City had a sudden influx of the lovely soft Schulana Angora Fashion in a whole bunch of knit me colours.  I was pulled into Angora heaven, by this pattern and there was no kicking and screaming involved.

I am of course, not knitting it in that.  Well the colour part is not the yarn I planned for it.  I came across a couple of balls of Kimono Angora in my stash when I was looking through the  scarf yarns and set it with the other angoras in my stash and it occurred to me that it would be perfect as the CC colour for an Inspira Cowl.    My first thought is always to go for the strong contrasts, so I am working a dark gray with it, but now that I think about it, there is a soft purple in the angora pile that would work as the contrast for a much softer colour combination. That selfsame soft purple is what I always thought was gray in among the pink and golds.  I do have another ball of the bright stuff so who knows where this might lead.

I am going to knit on this a while this morning.  I expect to be covered in downy soft and ever so clingy delights.  This one isn't unexpected, but it still is very very nice.

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Brendaknits said...

I love your Inspira colours. You are right. That cowl captures my attention and imagination. I haven't yet seen one I don't like.