Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I am home

I'm home and oh my where to start.  There is just so much.

It was more and better than I thought it could possibly be.  and to top it off, I did not feel overwhelmed till the very last day and that was because LAX has no signs for anything.  You apparently have to know where you are and how to get places before you can know where you are and how to get places.  A few good signs or even an airport sign saying you are here would have been handy.  Next time, I am going to do airport research before I leave.

I was also hampered by a cell phone that did not work, a blackberry that could no longer support the airport browsers and was more than painfully sluggish at the hotels and most heinously of all, a credit card that did not work anywhere.  This last could have been a real kicker but for a little assistance from my travel companion and good access to an ATM.  Well several ATMs.

Thanks to those well placed ATMs, I came home with some really lovely things.  Thanks to my travel companion, I can say I have done a little of the San Francisco thing, though next time I will go a day early and do the touristy thing first.  Maybe 2 days. What a pretty city, much deserving of more exploring.

It should also be mentioned that I have been to Trader Joe's and am now hip and trendy.  Can't you tell?

Pictures tomorrow.  Right now, I think I am going back to bed.   Or maybe I will sit and knit a bit before I go back to bed.  I might pop in a favourite old movie and snooze my way through that.  I am still tuckered after traveling and completely happy to be home again.   There is nothing like home.


Kathy said...

i am thrilled you had a great time. You did so deserve it.
love ya!

Brendaknits said...

It seems to me that all directional signs are like that. They have just recently put three roundabouts near home and only if you know the town and where to go can you navigate them easlily.
Glad you had a good time.

Jessica Stevens said...

Next time you should fly out or to John Wayne International Airport from La because it is smaller, there are less travelers and it is well marked. I'm happy you had a great trip.