Thursday, 7 November 2013

Elegant places

The first of my trip blogs is going to be about where we stayed at.  We stayed at some wonderful places.

These are some shots of the hotel Knitlab was at.  There were knitters everywhere.  You could ask people to join you for lunch or breakfast and pretty much everybody did.  You could accost people with the most amazing sweaters and they were happy to talk about their garments and shawls.  It was great.  And people came and asked about what you were working on. Everybody was knitting and the few who weren't looked slightly out of place and I think, on occasion, felt themselves to be so.  It was the loveliest thing to be surrounded by so much knitting.  Comfy, comfy beds.

Another plus was the Trader Joe's across the street.  As I said yesterday, hip and trendy.  Yup that is me. 

After the conference was over we decided to go to downtown to stay.  The country between was unexpected.  There were many signs of people but there was much more open country than I thought there would be in an area with so many people.  

We stayed at the Hotel Fairmont on the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco.  We were steeped in elegance and history.

The really cool thing was that just like you see on tv, there were business meeting taking place in the lobby.  Here and there casual seeming groups of men in elegant dark suits talking earnestly, sitting far too long to be discussing golf. 
I thought that only happened in movies. 

We had lunch there and sat on soft leather chairs.  I don't know that I have ever felt leather that fine before.  Just wonderful.  We at pumpkin bisque and grilled cheese sandwiches which were like nothing I have ever tasted before. Splendid sourdough bread and a delcious white cheese that complimented the sltighty nutty taste of the bisque perfectly.    Later in the evening we adventured out to Cioppino's on Fishermans Wharf.  Wonderful food and a very fun waiter.  

My room.  Marble baths.  So me, yes?  hahaha

What lovely places we stayed and visited but still I am glad to be home.  My own bed might not be so fine but it is mine and has charms all its own. Like my warm felted blankie and my own pillow.  All mine and just right.


Brendaknits said...

Oh my. It susre does look fine. And fun too. What was the actual name of the knitting conference?

Sandra said...

looks like it was a fabulous trip! And I've never been in a Trader Joes - don't think we have them in Canada - so I guess I'm unhip... :)

Anonymous said...

Very lovely places. GD