Friday, 29 November 2013

Hunting for the right pattern

I spent my downtime or rather, my not knitting time the last few days working on finding a pattern for the wrap.  There are some out there that I love, but that are not quite what was ordered.  I am having a real bugger of a time finding a basic rectangle that I like and that will look good in the yarn I have. 

I think today might be the day to change the plan.  I think I will check out shawls like Mara or maybe this cool thing.  Anyway, I am going to check out the ones that might work and still have broad ends to cover your arms with, but have a little bit of shape and form.  So many more patterns out there if you include a little bit of shape.

I have also broken out the stitch dictionaries and the lace books.  Surely somewhere in all this, there is a pattern that will give me what I need and my daughter  what she wants.

And that is something not too warm and not to heavy but that will wrap around her like a hug and a snuggle when she needs it.

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