Tuesday, 24 September 2013

There are times when I am not sure this blog is about needles anymore. Lately there have been a lot of the things of life and when it has been about needles, there haven't been photos! Harumph.   That just has to stop because even I am getting a little frustrated by it.  

I would do photos about yesterdays gallivanting but it I had so much fun, I forgot to take any and the spinning is still in the car and with wee people and their mommies asleep upstairs, I can't just wander out to get the bag and wheel.  See? Frustrating.

There has been knitting,  The black socks are done and wee baby ones are on the way.  I will show you that tomorrow.  I know, promises, promises.

I can, however, finally, show you knitting!  

I finally had the flexibility to purchase some of Martina Behm's patterns for the Knitmore Girls Behm-along.  I even had the gumption to wind up half the laceweight yarn required to knit it.  I am ready to go.

I am knitting Viajante in yarn that Mr. Needles brought back for me from Palm Springs, Gracie Lace from Fiesta Yarns.  The colourway is Cedar Crest. 

Its lovely stuff  and wonderful to work with, but the colours are a challenge.  There are all sorts of laces that would be lost in the power of these colours.  Cedar Crest is not for the timid.

It is a little hard to get a real feel for the colours till it is made into a ball.  The winding reveals so much.  

  Strong colours, all of them, but I kind of like it.  I  am getting 7-10 stitches out of the purpley black and pink sections and about double or a little more of the green.  That means it is going to be a real blend with no colour taking the lead. A challenging array, to be sure but it should be just perfect for the simplicity of Viajante.

And yes.  It is begun.  It doesn't look like much and it isn't just yet.  It starts with a wee garter section to form the first point.  Or not as the case may be.  It really isn't a point at all.  

Well, you will see in good time.

The very best part of this is that there is almost no thinking required.  For a while you knit garter.  Then you knit a long long time with just stockinette, like a sock, round and round.  Then you knit a little lace.  Just right.  Makes me happy just thinking of it.  


Sandra said...

You are navigating the new normal that is your life - you can make the blog about whatever you want.
I've got a Viajante on the needles as well, in a strongly toned Noro Sekku - thanks for the reminder to get back to it...

Brendaknits said...

Sounds like lots of galivanating at your house. Such fun.