Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chasing after wee ones

means that no matter what you plan, the plan isn't always going to happen.  I meant to get the wheel from the car yesterday.  I meant to spin just a half an hour yesterday. Oh well.  C'est la vie.

There were lots of other interesting things happening.  My Sweet Things Mommie painted her bedroom.  It isn't finished yet or I would show you, but it looks fantastic.  Oh you are going to like it!

As busy as the day was, I did manage to get in a little knitting time and for that I am particularly pleased.  After several variations on a theme, I have these.

Daddy's and Mommy's and wee Sweet Things. I tried a few different things, playing with some slipping of black stitches to get that honey combed look, but on such a small diameter, I wasn't having any fun.  So Sweet Things birthday socks will be just deep orange stripes and I am good with that. There is plenty of Orange there to take it right through her socks. Its a two and three stripe and above the ankle it will be a rib.  Who knows, maybe a two and three there too.  It would work out mathematically!

As soon as the little ones are done, there will be some finishing required on both moms and dads socks, and then heels but not on the wee ones.  Those will have a short row heel built in from the get go.  It's such a short span of stitches it will work up in no time flat, so short row garter heel it is.

So as much as the next few days are all about getting settled for my new housemates, it will be about tiny wee socks and playing grandma to the cutest little thing out there. That is the plan anyway.

We will see what our Sweet Thing thinks about that!

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Jessica Stevens said...

she is such a little cuttie pie and I love the socks mommy needles