Thursday, 12 September 2013

I wonder

Ever wonder what your oldest yarn in your stash was?  

I came across a post on Ravelry talking about using up a yarn that they had bought in 2010, and it got me to asking what the oldest yarn in my stash was.  How on earth would I figure it out?

Well, I may not have much of a memory at the moment, but I do have a blog.  So I went back to see what I could find.  Other than sock yarn, the first yarn I bought specifically for knitting was Laceweight Centolavaggi in black and some Jaggerspun Lacewight 100 percent merino lace in a cream colour.  I still have both of these, though I have used about 1/2 of the Centolavaggi for a scarf project.
It is part of a series of three scarves knit very early on, for the ladies who in one way or another, all led me to knitting.  This is still the sweetest thing anybody ever did for me.  And why not lace scarves as the second third and fourth thing you ever really knit?  Of course you can.

My next oldest yarns have all been used up.  I bought some Socks That Rock that became socks for me, some plain black Jawoll that became socks for my dad, and some Confetti Cotton that also became socks for me, and are still sadly missed.

But when was it that I moved to sweater knitting?  When was it that that first sweater yarn buy happened.  Those first few blogging and then knitting months were about socks and lace.  Ah, there it is.  November 21, 2007.  The first sweater yarn.  That first fatal step.  And used up for one of the nicest things I have ever knit.
Cascade 220.  The gateway drug.

After that, when I go back and read the blog, there was no stopping me.  Once the idea that I could knit sweaters was in my head, life changed.  Well, my yarn buying habits certainly did.

It was a lovely adventure as it happened and almost as much fun to look back on.

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Sandra said...

I learned to knit when I was 8, and I have recollections of varigated purple acrylic - shudder...
But I am currently knitting socks with some ancient Shelridge Farms sock wool - so pretty, and not sure why it got buried so deep.