Monday, 30 September 2013

And there we are.

Well, there we are.  Not everything done on my set of family socks, but I am very close.  It should all be done before I go to bed.

You take a daddy sock

And add a mommy sock
and play around a little and ...
See?  And cute too!  Like all things about a baby, they are completely unique no matter what mommy and daddy decide for them.  Babies have plans of their own!  

And just in time for my wee Sweet Thing's birthday.  One year old.  How can that possibly be?

The rest of this week is wedding!  I am looking forward to this in a big way.  Except for one tiny thing.  The bride's family does do the speechifying after dinner.  So I have some contemplating to do and some writing so that I might speak for both Mr. Needles and I.    He might be gone from among us, but he left behind dreams and hopes and entrusted them with me.  It is my job to make sure that our family know them when they need to.  

So yet another week of busy busy.  Today, close out the old.  Tomorrow a wee Sweet Things day and then a little work to make a new family come to be on Saturday.  

And then I shall rest.


Sandra said...

My Dad was always the speechifier at weddings - family, friends, they all wanted Ed to speak. When he was gone, it fell to me. When a dear friend got married, she asked me to step into his shoes. It's hard, but gratifying, and I know you will rock it for both yourself and Mr. N.
And the socks are beyond cute - it's such a great idea, and one I will happily rip off for the future!

Anonymous said...

Have a good week! GD