Monday, 12 August 2013

And so it goes

My much loved husband passed away last Saturday.  It is very quiet around here and more than a little sad.  There are not enough pages to tell you about him and what he meant to me, not nearly enough.  Not even close to enough to tell you everything I learned from him and who I grew to be because of loving him.

 Brian and his dad

 Brian and his own wee sweet thing.  How he loved that little girl and how he looked forward to more grandchildren.
 Brian and my dad

34 years was not enough.


Sandra said...

My friend Denise,
How I wish I could take away your pain - the loss of your Brian touches us all, through our (cyber) friendship with you, and we grieve with you.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't quite sure what drew me to the crochet bead pattern I had in my ravelry queue. I am never on ravelry and rarely do I look at projects or blog posts about patterns. Today, I did. I had fun reading your post about the beads--my baby's starting to chew on everything! You have a great online voice. It drew me in to look at your newer posts, and I came across this one. I am so sorry for your loss :( You don't have to say much more about Brian, I can tell by the photos that your husband was a great man.

I hope your needles, hooks, threads and yarns bring you comfort

Ann said...

So sorry for your loss.

Sigrun said...

Dear Denise--I'm so sorry. Words are never sufficient. If we were closer, I would give you a big hug if that were welcomed. I think of you and Brian when I am in the garden because yours is so close. My condolences to you and your family.

Christine said...

I confess I will always remember Brian by the great Christmas photo of the two of you in your hot tub! I hope he wouldn't mind being remembered that way. I wish I could help you with some of your loss. You are a great friend, and you have my fondest thoughts and deepest sympathies, as you have had for the last many weeks. I look very forward to seeing you soon.
Hugs, and love,

pattie in Geneseo said...

So sorry.
Peace to you as you make a new normal.

suesea7 said...

I'm so sad about this, and so glad that I was able to meet him, so briefly. What a wonderful guy, to drive so far so that you and I could visit. Thanks for the pictures. All our love to you and your family.

The Gardenmeister Knits said...

Oh Denise, I pray that somehow all the people who love you might somehow share in and thereby lessen your pain. And though this might not work in reality, know that you are in our hearts and on our minds more than ever.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of your husband's passing. He looks like a lovely man. I'm sure your house is very quiet. At times like this, it is so good to have the comfort of knitting--familiar, repetitive, soothing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ann in Indiana

Brendaknits said...

I came home from my mostly computer-free summer to a dead computer. It has taken almost a week to get it repaired and the first thing I read when I logged on was about Brian's passing. I am so sorry. You are right. 34 years is not long enough. I will be thinking of you as you adjust to this change. Take care.