Monday, 22 July 2013

Where the Magic Lies

Well, there hasn`t been a single stitch knit on Pogona.  Not a single solitary one.  And I am glad because that means I had time to knit on my Daybreak.

Now isn`t that just the most fantastic thing.  That symphony of searing eye popping colour.  

The solid red and orange are Classic Elite Fresca and the wonderful multi that makes it all work, is Cherry Tree Hill Possum Sock in the colourway Sugar Maple.  It is exactly what I needed to get from it.

Needed to get, you ask.  That is how it strikes me sometimes.  That there is something that I must have from a yarn or set of yarns, and I know when it is right and I know when it is wrong. 

In this case, I knew very early on, that this combination, and this approach to the colours were what would be best for this pattern.  I never, for a moment questioned my choice of pattern.  Daybreak was something that these colours and this yarn asked for, needed to be.

An artist has her palette, a musician has his score and though I only interpret the patterns, whatever art there is from me is in this sureness that this was right.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, it all goes together as if it was meant to be. GD