Thursday, 18 July 2013

Itchy Fingers

Having finished Granita, I was overcome by a bad case of itchy fingers.  No I don't want to knit sweaters.  No I don't want to do what I am supposed to do.  Yes, I just want to knit.  It is the can't sit still of knitting and right now, I can't sit still.

I decided to look at some yarn and see if I could figure something out. I came across a lovely ball of Madelinetosh Pashmina, in Jodphur, and the lightbulb went on!

I have had the pattern for Pogona by Steven West for a long time.  I wanted to use this yarn but I was concerned that using the two
colours, two rows by two rows, with Pogonas interesting increases would be bad.  It was just not something I was prepared to try my first time working the pattern.  And so the pattern sat.

I think I have the right combination of pattern and yarn now.
Pogona has such interesting folds and texture even though it is just knits and purls.  It is showy but it is the kind of thing that lets a yarn speak.  And Madelinetosh Pashmina speaks.  Clearly.  Eloquently.
I am just about to start the third increase section.  It seems like it went really fast, but this section is where the rows start getting looooooooong.  There is much knitting to be done, attention is required but it is not complicated thinking and that is very good. The perfect pattern for this kind of day.  

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Jessica Stevens said...

wow i love those colors and your knitting is so perfect