Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Done and Doner

I finished up my Granita last night while watching Miss Marple. There is something so perfect about that in my mind.  

As you can see, it is substantial.  Blocked, I suspect even further substantialness.  And when you consider it is Loft, I think it is going to block large and soft and beautifully.  I am almost looking forward to blocking it!

I did knit as much as I could.  I really wanted to get 7 striped sections but I didn't think that I would quite make the full 4 stripes of the toast colour, and even if I had, I was pretty sure that I would run out of the garnet before I finished the lace.  There is a touch more garnet left than toast, but not enough to do it fully or right, and I needed this to be right.  I needed this to be just so.  I think that need plays into everything else that is going on.  I need something to be normal.

Chez Needles is going through some health issues.  Mr. Needles is not well, and while we are adapting to this new normal, blog posting might be a little wonky.  I still intend to post daily.  That is one normal that I really want to hold on to.  It gives some structure to my daily thoughts and plans that just isn't in the rest of my world.  The timing might be different than usual but I will be here.  

And there will be knitting.  Lots and lots of knitting. LOTS

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Sandra said...

sorry for my silence lately - know I ama thinking of you and the Mister constantly.
Love the Granita - both the pattern and the colour!