Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cool laces for a hot day.

Do you ever think about how really hot is just like really cold for Canadians?  In really cold weather, we hunker down with a nice blankie or shawl, a nice hot cup of cocoa and a good book or your knitting or family movie night.  In really hot weather, we hunker down with a cold beverage, a fan and some serious shade or the basement, our knitting, a book or a good movie.

Yesterday was a basement day for me, though in my chilly basement, hunkering has to happen with a blankie.  Seriously hot and muggy like we rarely see on the prairies.  There are lawns to mow and weeds to weed, and it just is not reasonably possible.  I hunkered and knit.

All day.  It was lovely.  And my hand seems to be fine for it.  I know that my problem did not come from knitting, but rather from the mouse for my laptop, so I avoided that like the plague for the last few days.  I still have to be careful with the mouse, but knitting is back.

Much progress was made on the pretty little Granita shawl.  Oh how I do like this combination of pattern and yarn.  And my friend picked the perfect colours.  

It is just where the rows start feeling long now, the span just a little bit wider than the length of the needle cable.  The rows aren't long yet, but they are getting there.  It is that happy middle of the shawl, that very merry middle and I am as pleased as a piggie in a puddle of yarn.  

Piggie in a puddle on a hot summer day?  Just about perfect.

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