Thursday, 27 June 2013

Technology and me

There is a point in life where the rush of technology makes you feel tired.  Not old, just tired and, well, old.  For some of us, the whole point was to never have a cell phone because... well, you know, who really wants the burden?  And then life changes and every one around you says no mom, you need to have a cell phone.  Sigh.  So I do.

And then when you are cruising along quite happily in your old technology, hard disk kind of way, and you decide to get a Netflix account because your new dvd player supports that kind of thing, only the signal from your router isn't strong enough to receive a nice clean signal?  So then your kids bring you one of these 

because it receives the signal better, and you have to learn that the arrow pointing up is down and the one pointing left moves you right...

Yeah.  It is all making me feel old and tired right now.  Not that all technology is bad.  Technology has a place.  

Because technology can take you to places like this.  Via Ravelry this morning. Isn't that just the perfect page to look at in the morning (or afternoon or evening)?

Sometimes the perfect things come to you via technology like pictures of Grandmas and babies.

 Grandma Ludmila and Great Grandma and wee Sweet Thing in Kiev
Great Grandma Kiev
 Great Grandma small town Saskatchewan
Great Grandma big town Saskatchewan

Obviously, you can have really deep conversations with great grandmas.  

There was actually knitting going on.  It felt good, but I might have done a little much.  

This morning, my hand hurts a little again, but I have Ravelry and technology to keep my head in knitting and babies and wonderful people in my heart.  


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I so agree about new technology. I resent it mostly because I use it largely in my leisure activities which is precisely where I don't want to have intrusions by unsolicited new stuff I don't even want.

But after months of hateful dithering about our new TV service I have to admit now we're using it correctly we watch virtually commercial free and only shows we love because we can effortlessly record them.

Its a double edged sword for sure!

little sis said...

this just made me smile in a lot of ways....

Brendaknits said...

Those Grandma pictures are wonderful. I know exactly what you mean about technology. I even hate it when they update itunes.