Friday, 28 June 2013

In Them Thar Hills

There be lace in them thar hills...

I have no idea why this lovely yarn makes my inner Gabby Hayes.  Maybe it the colour, that rich purply red called Long Johns and the toasty Nest.

These colours remind me of cowboys and barns and summer days playing in the hay loft swinging on the big sling that they used a long time ago to bring the hay up to the loft. Till Dad caught us at it, and put it up way high so little girls couldn't reach it and hurt themselves.  Still there were bales to climb and kittens to play with.

I have come to love the pattern too.  I just had to find the right minute to focus on it, to sort out its quirks and then all was fine.  Decreases always face to the center and the yarn overs are outside.  No more confusion.  A little time to get to know it was all it took.

And a good friend gave me this yarn.  Three things that make this one special.

Also in the comments, Hey little sis!  I see you!

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