Saturday, 8 June 2013

Much better

As things always do, it looks much better in the morning light.  The knee has been cleaned out and Mr. Needles is feeling much better than the other times.  I suspect it is because we caught it so much earlier in the process.  Still, it will be a couple of days till he is home and there will be half a summer of getting strong again.

The events of yesterday did have one good thing about them.  I got a chance to slip into the west side location of RCY, my favourite of our local yarn stores.  

Oh my goodness.  What a deliciously dangerous place!  

They had the new Rowan sock yarn, Fine Art.  It is quite simply, lovely.  The colours are marvelously rich and it is so smooth and soft and yet you can feel the hearty character it hides behind its beautiful outside.  

And then they had a huge range of colours of Rumple by Handmaiden.  The ladies at the store are very fond of Rumple.  One of their flagship patterns, Robbi`s Red Neckerchief, was designed for Rumple, and has proven so popular that they now regularly stock the yarn in a wonderful range of colours.  The soft pinky coral just about stole my heart.  Pure silk delight.

As if these things weren`t enough,  they had a huge bowlful of the many shades of Manos Del Uruguay`s new fingering weight, Alegria.    

I fell for some of it in the Malvin colourway.  I should say that these colours are much much richer and deeper than the pale versions on your monitors. Deep, rich and oh so very very good.  

And then,oh, be still my beating heart.  I have spoken about RCY`s in store yarn line, Epic, their serviceable sturdy basic and the rich colours of Eden, their flagship handdye.  They have introduced a new weight to their line up, Adam and Eve.  

Adam and Eve is lucious.  Baby sister to Eden, a sportweight knitting to a gauge of 26 stitches in 4 inches on a 3 mm needle, it is the same wonderful blend.  As the label says, 81 % Merino, 9 % Cashmere, 10 % nylon, 100 % Temptation.  I`d say they have the temptation part down pat.

I came home with 3 skeins of of the warmest richest gray.  A really spectacular yarn.  Sometimes when you buy a handdyed yarn based on what you see on the internet, you end up with less, or very different than what you expect.  Not with these.  With these, trust me, what you get is so much more.  The colours are just plain better than they could possibly be on a screen.

And finally, I managed to find another ball of Kimona Angora. 

I have a recent thing for Angora.  I keep seeing this, the Inspira Cowl, and I   have an urge to knit it.  In Angora.  I do not know why, but oh I have the urge.  I have plenty of Angora, yet still, the quest for the perfect mix of colours goes on.  This Kimona Angora is the perfect bright companion to the darkest of my grays and with two balls, I can begin my quest to the perfect Inspira.    

If I don`t pop up over the next few days, you know what is going on.  I`m busy keeping home up, busy keeping garden up, busy keeping up with the sore guy, busy with delicious yarns.  

It`s good to be busy, right?


Brendaknits said...

Hee Hee. Who knew sliver linings was spelled y-a-r-n?

Christine said...

I am glad that things are looking better than they were yesterday. Looks like you managed to get some great yarn therapy in. Sending warm woolly thoughts your way, and hoping to see you soon.