Monday, 10 June 2013

And so it goes.

Turns out the surgeon says Mr Needles knee did not need cleaning.  The infection is not there.  It is however somewhere else.  So they are doing a few more tests.  I think they have a good idea of where it is hiding this time, and maybe even have a line on the source of all the infections. So good and bad.  But that is how it usually goes, isn't it.

Even with knitting.  The weekend saw me working on Sweet Things little Tutu.  I have bought and own only 1 ball of ruffle yarn.  I have tried to knit with it.  It won.  I did not.  Defeated.  By a pink and blue and white ruffle.  I am going to try something else today, a change of strategies, so to speak, and technique to accommodate the nature of this project.  I mean to win with this yarn yet.

It is a great day for knitting wool, so I am going to see if I can't finish all the knitting on the Icelandic  Overblouse.  It would be a great day to wear one.    

Yes indeed, yarn therapy is good, but so is simple time to knit.  I ought to be out mowing lawns and weeding gardens and getting the last few trees planted.  The heavens have gifted me with yet another wet dreary day.  The farm shall be checked a little later, just in case work could be done there, but here at home, the only thing I am doing is hunkering down...

With wool.  Lots and lots of wool. 3 layers and counting.


Brendaknits said...

Surgery he didn't need? Are you not furious? I would be.

Sandra said...

Man, I take a few days off from reading blogs and look what happens!!
THinking many good thoughts for Mr.Needles (I've added him to my list of hospital poeple...) Hopefully they can find the source of the infection soon.
Yarn therapy is the best, and if I lived closer, I'd come over and park myself beside you to knit along.