Friday, 10 May 2013

What else I was working on

On Tuesday morning, Mr. Needles did bring a basket of yarn up to me.  Once I completed Paulette's shawl/scarf/wrap, I did have some other yarn to play with.  So I did.

I knit a swatch out of one yarn, for later, but most of the time, I played with this.  I think I have spoken of it before.  

This is going to be a little drop waisted dress with a rufflly bottom for Sweet Thing.  The yarn is (shouting to the high heavens) just the best thing, Cascade Pima Tencel.  Honestly, just the nicest blend of fibres.  If you don't like working with cotton, consider this.  The tencel gives is that little slip you did not know you needed.  

This knitting is the easy part.  I am not looking forward to the ruffly stuff, not because it is ruffle yarn, but rather, that I expect to have issues till my hands feel comfortable working with it.  The top is just a generic little raglan sleeved thing, a shape that just works for kids, no matter what you are making.

The other thing I had upsairs with me at the beginning of the week was some yummy Ruca, a sugar cane yarn from Aurucania.  I've had this yummy bubblegum coloured concoction for a while now, but every spring, it shouts to break out of the stash.  This year it did.  

I actually started playing with it last week and once set, things moved along swiftly.  

I'm just doing a little bead pattern, or leaf pattern depending on what culture your instructions are from.  Long soft rows of wonderfully draping shawl lying across your shoulders.  

I'm just nearing the end of the first skein of yarn, and have just switched the pattern.  Sort of.  By repeating the middle rows, you elongate the shape, an easy, pleasing looking bigger leaf.  

I buggered the edges so I have to go back and redo about 4 rows but its fun knitting, sorting out what I am going to do and when it works, following it, and when it doesn't fixing it.  

You may also have noticed that it is very girly around here.  I am going with girly pinky and I figured it is my turn.  I mothered three sons, and other than the parachute pants phase with its neon brights, life has been mostly denim, denim and more denim. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is a lifetime of pent up girly stuff that seems to be leaking out and it is all leaking out here.

I can't wait till she is old enough for dolly's  

and doll houses.  I have been waiting a lifetime to make dollhouse things for play.

Sigh.  I am so blessed, and I am wrapped in a pink and ruffly world.  In truth I hope that she is a well rounded child, one where ruffles are the perfect thing for the smart looking soccer/skating/riding person.  That is what I really hope for.  But in the way of the world, give me ruffles till she chooses her own.

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