Thursday, 9 May 2013

Blogging from the Deep Archives.

I am posting to you today from the super secret Deep Archives.  Well, next to it anyhow, because Deep Archives usually refers to my deep stash.  It feels good to be home.  

Sadly almost all of the knitting I did this week is upstairs and the camera and I are downstairs.  We have coffee though so that is a little bit of consolation.  It isn't a pot of coffee so we are pretty sure we will be trekking up sometime later and will take some photos of the weeks work then.  I did make it down yesterday evening, so what you get today is the most recent knitting I have.  Or should I say crochet?

I'm still busy making beads.  

I have one more large one and then a ring to do before I make a something to put them on.  It has to be sturdy yet nice, since these are a baby toy masquerading as a necklace mommy can wear while traveling and nursing. 

I did play with some other knitting too.  A while ago, I picked up some very pretty colours of Taiyo the newest sock yarn from Noro.  
Like a lot of Noro sock anything, it is made for projects like Wingspan.  I started one in August last year with it and then realized that it could be something so much more.  

So, when I finally got to my study yesterday, and found all my knitting was upstairs, I gave myself permission to start it again.  It did help that I finally bought some yarn that would work for the edging. You could take a wild guess of what the yarn is, but I will tell you.  It is Tove, the yarn that is good for everything or that I like to use for everything. 

It's a little hard to tell if I have the right scale to the black yet but I am not too worried about it.  I can play with it a little as I go.  It is only yarn, and if it isn't right, I can always rip back or add another row at the end.  No biggie.  

I am looking forward to more of this one.  Maybe even enough to block it!

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