Monday, 20 May 2013

I'd rather misbehave

That is my usual modus operandi, isn't it?  And I like it.

So, I thought I was wanting to knit the lovley Bamboo Tape, but the yarns had other ideas.  Bamboo Tape stayed solidly on the shelf, while Domino kept falling off the shelf.  

I have been thinking about working with my boucle yarns.  They are not my usual thing at all.  They strike me as more a novelty, and yet I have some in my stash.  They are not winter boucles, but rather summery things.  Cotton, bamboo, a little acrylic.  Lighter weight more summery things.  Certainly not enough for a Canadian winter.

So, when the Domino kept falling off the shelf...Well, sometimes you go with what is in front of you.  Either that or I am a little afraid that I will ruin the Bamboo Tape if I have to rip it back again.  I already know there is no way, Domino could ever be ripped back.

That is sort of how it started.

No ends.  I pulled from the center and couldn't find the end, but I soon had a clump of yarn that pulled round and round through the centre of the ball.  Eventually, I found the outside end, but I still I hadn't resloved the round and round through the centre of the ball.  

I took a different ball, and started to knit.  I debated leaving the messy ball for the bitter end, but I needed to give my hands a rest.  It took an hour till I had it sorted.  Not even mohair has this kind of cling.

I have a feeling that this yarn struck most people as a 'not on your life yarn' but it really isn't.  It isn't harsh to work with like really cheap wool is or like your basic Walmart acrylic is.  And it is miles and miles above your basic Phentex slipper stuff.  What it isn't is soft.  Not at all soft.  

The resultant fabric is fine though.  While the yarn itself has a little bit of a harsh feel, scratchy almost, but knit up, its textural but squooshy and I do like squooshy as a yarn quality.

 I've managed to get down to just below the armscye.  I'm finishing this ball, and then will knit the sleeves.  Once that is done, I'll keep knitting till I hate it some much that I want to shoot it into a corner, and will knit one last ball so that it isn't too short.  Unless I run out of yarn, somewhere in that process.

I kind of like the way the colours are working out.

No pattern, but I am aiming for a cross over top, which will be paired with a crisp white something or other.  Inside my head, it looks nice.  Let's see if I can bring that picture to reality outside my head.

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