Friday, 17 May 2013

Craving Something New in a WIP World.

The girls and I were talking sweaters and yarn a few weeks ago...It is so unbelievably nice to say the girls after decades of only having boys to converse with at family night... and the the Adrift sweater came up.  

I knit one, rather successfully, for my DIL1 (Daughter in law, married to son1)

I paid no attention to gauge, but only to dimension and knit to fit.  It drapes nicely, though we have it sort of laid flat here for the picture.  

I am contemplating something very similar for the girl who will, I hope soon be DIL3 (wife to son3).  I don't want to rush sweater knitting, but she said she is very much a big shawl sort of person, and really likes the draped sweaters.  She wants me to teach her to knit, and perhaps in the winter, I will.  

But it made me want an Adrift of my own.  The yarn that came to mind was the Rowan Bamboo Tape. My poor beleaguered Bamboo Tape has led the most shocking life.  It is gorgeous but can't seem to find anything that suits it and ends up getting ripped back and put away again.  Yet I love it.  I love the fabric it makes, I love the drape, the soft smoothness of it, the colour, just everything about it.  Once that combination landed in my head, my hands wanted to knit it.  

And I might but I have to finish something first. One of the sweaters for sure.  The work in progress basket won't fit a darn thing more, not even if I pack and shove it in there.  My deal for WIPs is that it has to fit in the basket and it just can't right now.

So here I sit, with fingers wanting to knit something new but I can't.  It is making for some marvelous progress on the Overblouse.  Can't fault the whole process for that, I suppose.  

Still, it's just like when you crave ice cream and you can't get to the store till next week.  All you think about is ice cream.

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Jessica Stevens said...

You do beautiful work, If I bought the yarn and the pattern and sent you a treat. Could you make me a sweater canadaineedles mommy?