Tuesday, 9 April 2013


My nephews wife posted pictures of their kids on facebook playing with a puppet theatre that they had made.  Nothing fancy but a real honest to goodness puppet theatre.  And no puppets.

I figured I could knit some.  So I am.

I'm using Karen's Puppet Recipe.  Sometimes the archive is available and sometimes it isn't, but essentially, this is a big sock with a small heel and a split foot.  Nothing fancy, but it makes the sweetest puppets.

Puppet one.  Monsieur Dragon.  He is a little faceless, but he has already sprouted his spiny backbone.

 Then there is Miss Daisy Mae.  She is inordinately proud of her hair, though

I think she doesn't have reason to be right now.  Perhaps later.  (I have about 30 more strands to attach)

They still need some eyes and a little mouth work, but those will be embroidered on felt, I think, and then attached. Felt will give a nice stable surface without any of the usual problems with rough edges.  I had no felt at home, so today is going to require a short trip to a store for supplies.

And they have one small friend, but he isn't quite ready yet.

He will be a teddy bear, and all that is ready right now is his sweater.  Kind of appropriate coming from a knitter, don't you think?  I would have done him last night but there was the spinning. Plus there is one other entire bear to do.  

Pushing deadlines as ever.  They are due to be delivered this weekend.

The other big thing that this evening is going to bring is a new colour on Paulette's scarf.  And moving into a new pattern.  I've worked it a couple times and pulled back but I think I have it now.

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