Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Moving along

It recently came to my attention that this Grandma has nothing in her house suitable for small children to chew on.  I have no plastic cups. I have no tupperware lids (no tupperware)  I have no wooden spoons.  I have some spatulas, but they are getting peretty ratty looking, not at all fit for children.  So Grannie decided to go shopping. 

 And if Sweet Thing gets stuff, it seems wrong not to get a little something for my little guy too.
One thing I do have is lots of stairs.  

I also had to go to a craft store to find some wooden balls.  I've been asked to make some beads for baby to play with and the chew on
My daughter showed me pages of pictures.  Stunning stuff and fun for babies too.  

Yarn?  What yarn?  Now how did that get in there?  Sigh. I am weak when there are walls ofyarn to be had.  Weak.   

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